A picky eater child is a child that is very selective about what he/she eats and very often reluctant to try new foods or any foods.

Picky eater children

Tips from top 3 healthcare expert


UCSF Benioff Children’s hospital: A major and very well known hospital that is dedicated to developing healthcare worldwide through advanced research. They are committed to promote wellness and built established partnerships with physicians and professionals.
Picky Eaters // Reviewed by health care specialists at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital.
Mayo Clinic: A non profit organization based in Minnesota being the first largest medical group practice in the world with a large number of physicians and scientists.
Children’s nutrition: 10 tips for picky eaters // By Mayo Clinic Staff
PBS parents: A reputed parent guide that explores ressources and tips on raising children and toddlers activities. It is a great ressource for c hild development advice.
“I Don’t Want It!”: Tips to Help Your Preschooler Overcome Picky Eating by Jane S. Park, Senior Curriculum Specialist, Health Advisor Sesame Workshop, Education and Research Department

Data and infographics

More than half of children are picky eaters

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407 primary

Average duration of picky eating episodes

+ 2 years


Picky eating during childhood:
a longitudinal study to age 11 years.
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How good are parents at identifying picky eating?

Picky eating perception accuracy
Assessment of accuracy of parents’ perception of their 4-36 months old children’s picky eating behavior
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1 663 infants
aged 4 to 36 months

Underweight prevalence

Does picky eating affect weight-for-length measurements in young children?
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Research on parents and smartphone interaction with toddlers

Profile-JennyRadesky-2016_0The most advanced research on mobile interaction and interactive media use by young children during mealtime is today led by Jenny Radesky MD, and clinical instructor in Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics at Boston University School of Medicine.


Jenny Radesky studies how interactive media can promote learning skills between the caregiver and the child.

She also argues that parents should test the apps before letting their toddlers to use it.

By using applications with young toddlers, it will help to enhance the parent-child interaction which seems to be the key .

For more information, find below two publications written by Jenny Radesky on the subject :